Connie’s Pizza & SocialWorks

SocialWorks & Connie's Pizza
Beginning October 8, 2018, Connie’s Pizza customers will have the ‘Chance’ to help fundraise $100,000 for SocialWorks. Celebrating 55 years of being family owned and operated, a haven for the neighborhood, and always a source of sustenance for those in need, Connie’s Pizza felt it fitting to give back to the community it has called home for so long.

SocialWorks, Chance the Rapper’s youth empowerment charity, aims at empowering “youth through the arts, education, and civic engagement while fostering leadership, accessibility, and positivity throughout Chicago.” Why SocialWorks? Both Connie’s Pizza and SocialWorks are aligned in their mission and wishes for the betterment of youth in their birthplace, Chicago.

Get Involved
Of course you can always volunteer through the SocialWorks website, but moreover, Connie’s Pizza will offer customers the chance to round up their bill. The rounded-up amount will be donated SocialWorks. Customers can also enjoy the “Take a Chance” pizza, a pizza topped with Chance The Rapper’s favorite toppings. 55% percent of all profit of this pizza will be donated to SocialWorks.