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Sox Game

Bob from Grand Rapids MI Says...

Now that I live in Michigan, I miss two things about Chicago - baseball and pizza. I try to get to at least one White Sox game a year, which allows me to enjoy watching my White Sox, and enjoy eating the best pizza in the world - Connies Pizza. This year I drove down with my family on July 4 to see the White Sox play, watch some fireworks and of course eat some pizza. We entered the ballpark and almost immediately noticed the concessions windows that said DiGiornos. Did I read that right? My kids asked 'isnt that grocery store pizza?' I answered yes in disbelief! I could not believe that a city known for having the best pizza in the U.S. would be serving frozen, grocery store pizza! It looked like everyone else agreed, as there was no one in line for pizza. We went with dogs and brats, which are always good, but missed our Connies pizza tremendously!  We headed back to Michigan the next morning - so we never did get our Connies pizza - and needless to say we are all extremely disappointed with the White Sox! Our next trip to Chicago we'll just have to skip the game and head to Connies!

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